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The South Shore Rowing Center is the Midwest's Premiere Recreational Rowing Destination!

Rowing Equipment

Alden 16
The Alden 16 is the shell which started the recreational and fitness rowing boom of the early 1970's. The design has been proven by thousands of rowers over it's 30 year life span. The design is a classic because it works! The Alden 16 is the standard instructional shell at the South Shore Rowing Center and the most popular recreation and cross training shell for our customers.

The South Shore Rowing Center is the Midwest's premiere open water rowing destination. The center can offer you the best in recreational rowing instruction, the lowest equipment price, free set up and quality service. At the South Shore Rowing Center, we don't make sales, we make friends!

Alden 18
The Alden 18 has the same hull shape as the Alden 16, yet is wider, has a greater capacity and can be set up as a single or double rowing shell. The Alden 18 is the right shell for person weighing over 210 pounds, couples and those who may desire to take gear, dogs or children on a row. The Alden 18 has the same ability as the Alden 16 to tolerate waves, chop and wakes.

Alden Star 22
The Alden Star is an open water, performance rowing shell which is designed for calmer water (flat to 4 inch waves). The shell is fast, yet fairly stable. Experienced rowers and aggressive new rowers will enjoy the performance features. The Alden Star is an exceptionally well designed open water performance shell.

Alden Appledore 16
The Alden Appledore 16 is a "pea pod" design and is very capable in chop and waves up to 3 feet. The boat is properly classified as a wherry, as it does not require any balance. The Appledore can be loaded with gear and has been used for extended trips into the Voyageurs National Park, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and the open water shores around Lake Superior.

RecRowing™ Alden

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